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Along with rock, kiss me quick hats and variety shows on the pier, the face in hole cardboard cutout has been a staple of the British seaside holiday for decades.

Read more about cardboard cutouts

What Is a Face Cutout Figure?

It's a cardboard, wood or metal figure with a hole where the face and head should be, and the point is to stand behind the figure or cutout and put your head through the hole. These cutouts are typically life-size, or a little larger than in real life and there are dozens of subjects. By putting your head through the hole in the cutout you can instantly become a politician, celebrity or rock star, or you can transform yourself into one of the common caricatures, such as a fat lady in a bathing suit. And if you ever wanted to be a muscle bound weightlifter, an astronaut, policeman or cowboy, you can achieve that goal for at least as long as it takes you to put your head through the hole.

Why Use a Cutout Figure?

To many people, having your picture taken while putting your head through the hole is as much a part of going to the seaside as lazing on the beach or riding a donkey. It can create an instant holiday memory, and even if you are the shy and retiring type who wouldn't normally draw attention to yourself, it's a fairly innocent way to have some fun. Most of us don't mind leaving our 'comfort zone' every so often. And in these days of instant photographs, emailing and uploading, you can take the picture and have it on your favourite social media site within minutes. The photographs also make memorable and slightly unusual cards for just about any occasion - birthday, Christmas, or party invitation.

The Cutout Can Come to You

And if you aren't planning on a trip to the seaside soon, you don't need to worry. Such is the popularity of sticking your head through the hole in a cardboard cutout that there are actually companies that will bring one to your next party, festival, fund raising event or anything else. These life size cutouts make a great icebreaker at parties, and of course you don't have to be young to enjoy it, simply young at heart. cardboard cutouts with a hole for the face have been around for years, and if you have never stuck your head through, you don't know what you are missing!